My Week

This is also a new post that I'm going to be doing this year. It's me sharing a bit about myself and what I've been doing all week. I don't want you to think that all I've done is read. 

I haven't read a ton this week. I finished the book by Isabelle Grace and reviewed it. I also finished reading The Wish List by Michelle Majors. I haven't yet reviewed it. Fingers crossed that's coming soon. I also read How to Protect a Princess by Cynthia Eden and reviewed it. I have a Jill Shalvis that I need to read for review so that's next. 

My Blog
I was pretty proud of myself. I had my whole blog set up for the week. And didn't let me get lazy and fall behind. Let's give me a cheer. I'm feeling pretty renewed this year and want to stay on top of everything. Sadly we've barely had any sun here in IL for over a month which makes doing anything by laying around hard 

I've still been pretty lazy and have only been watching reruns. I've now added Murder she Wrote to go along with Modern Family and Bob's Burgers. It makes me think about my niece since we use to watch it a lot together. I miss those moments when she was young. Loved Abbott Elementary this week. It's always a good watch.

So I'm at that point in winter where I have no idea what I want to cook. Soon I will be doing my week-long of eating out because I'm tired of cooking. I'm not there yet but after all these years of cooking you sometimes after the holidays need a break. I did try a new recipe it was with leftover ham so that was a plus. I hate making something and wasting what's left over. I used some of the leftover ham for the noodle recipe and the rest I cut up and froze. 

The Weekend
I always go into the weekend with such plans then get lazy. I've taken the Christmas decorations down and have gotten most of my decor put back the way it was. I sometimes make little changes so it can take a bit to be done. I also added some Valentine's decor. I've rearranged my kitchen shelves more than once trying to get them the way I want them. I'll never be one of those people that can walk into a room and just place something and it works. I have to stare at it awhile. What do you guys think?

How was your week? Any plans this weekend?


  1. I love these kinds of posts when we get to see a little more personal things about bloggers. I started watching the Titans and Yellowstone. I like both of them.

    I look for recipes to cook because I don't like eating out all that much,

    1. My sister-in-law loves Yellowstone and wants me to try it. I love these posts too and that's why I started my own. I love trying new foods.

  2. I saw the cover for the Cynthia Eden, and am intrigued. I like eating out, but its so expensive sometimes. But yeah in winter its hard to have energy to cook things. I am trying to be healthier though. So I am reserving once or twice a month eating out and then cooking everything else at home. If you want good recipes that are super tasty and comfort like food, try Six Sister Stuff. They have a website, and also a YouTube channel. Their Chicken and Dumplings are my favorite.

    1. We don't go out often either. I usually love cooking but sometimes I just need a break from it. I will have to try them out. Thanks for letting me know.


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