My Week

This is also a new post that I'm going to be doing this year. It's me sharing a bit about myself and what I've been doing all week. I don't want you to think that all I've done is read. 

I have to start out with books we all know how much I love them. I'm reading an ARC called A Proposal Changes Everything by Isabella Grace. She's a new author for me I just started reading her last year and this is only the second book I've read of hers. I'm enjoying it. I also reread Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston. I need something to help jump-start the new year. By the end of the year, I get a bit burnt out. 

My Blog
As you'll see I've been busy this week. I spent a ton of time doing new artwork for the blog and coming up with weekly posts that I hope you'll enjoy reading. 

I will admit that I've spent a bunch of time watching reruns of Modern Family and Bob's Burgers. I've also been watching new episodes of Midsomer Murders season 23. I can't believe I've been watching it for so long. I watched the first episode of Will Trent on ABC and really liked it. Can't wait for more of it. I really enjoyed Glass Onion on Netflix. Loved the mystery in it. 

I was so happy that my favorite oranges are back. The sumo oranges. Have you tried them? So good but not cheap. I made my favorite comfort dish, Creamy Parmesan Chicken and Rice. It's so easy to make about 35 minutes from start to finish and it is really tasty. I will admit I need some new recipes. I get so tired of cooking the same thing. You get to a point where food is no fun to make anymore. 

The Weekend
On Saturday night most of the family is getting together to celebrate Christmas with my niece and her husband. They could come in this year for Christmas but still wanted to be with the family. So we are doing it tonight. On Sunday I'm going to take down all my Christmas decorations and do a good cleaning. I've been organizing closets and cabinets so I might also do more of that. 

I'd love to know how your week has gone. Share it with us all.


  1. haha love this! But its okay if all you do is read since I mostly just read all the time

    Love seeing another side to your life though. I don't watch much TV but I did watch a couple of movies. Yeah I will take down my decor this weekend.

    1. I do too. It makes me happy. I've got my stuff down and I will be putting it all back to normal again. I like to clean really good first. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I cut back to read just 1 book a week. Sometimes 2. Maybe soon I'll want to read more. I started watching the Titans on HBO Max and like it so far.


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