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So this year I want to do a new post on Fridays where we can discuss a particular book, author, or anything I can come up with. This week I thought I talked about Nina Bangs and her series The Gods of Night. I hope you'll join me.

Gods of the Night Series
I can still remember when this series came out in 2008. I loved it right away. I know I'm not going to totally explain this right but the series is about a bunch of me that were prior dinosaurs that are now fighting for good after they were ripped away from their time by a god. See, I told you confusing. But believe they are well worth the read. 

The Books

The Author

Nina Bangs writes paranormal and contemporary romance. All her books are full of great characters and humor. She writes characters that stay in your head. For a bit, she wasn't writing but happily, she's back to it. 

All the Above and More
I think you're getting that I really enjoy reading this author. Well, I do. I fell in love with her character Ganymede and didn't look back. Every once in a while you find that character that truly lives and Ganymede is that character. Even with him being in so many books and so much about him being explained I still don't believe I truly know him. But he paved the way for the Gods of the Night Series. Not only did I kind of understand more about the series. But I know it would be a fun read. You really need to try her books. I think I'm going to have to go back and reread some of her older ones. Have any of you read her?


  1. This is such an underrated series! Its amazing! I was so sad when I thought the series was over. No one ever talks about it! There definitely needs to be more love for it.

    1. It is a great series and I've been trying so hard to have others read it. Love it!


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