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So this year I want to do a new post on Fridays where we can discuss a particular book, author, or anything I can come up with. This week I thought I talked about Goodreads since I mentioned it in a prior post. I hope you'll join me.

Goodreads Goals
So let's talk about Goodreads and about book goals. I use Goodreads for more than just book goals. I also love to look up books in a series or reviews on a book I've just read. I never like to read a review before I read a book. I don't want other reviews to taint how I feel about the book. That's not saying that I won't read something after I read a review I just don't like reading a review of a book I'm about to read. Even more so if said book is an ARC. I want my review to be about what I thought, not something that stuck in my mind that someone else thought. 

My Goodreads Goals
This year I said I'd like to read 125 books. I always read more than the goals I pick I'm just a lazy reviewer. 

Your Goodreads Goals
I would love to know what your reading goals are for 2023. If you don't use Goodreads do you set a reading goal for yourself? 

Need to Review More
I say this all the time, I need to review more of the books that I read. Something it's because I'm lazy. I don't feel I can just review something on Goodreads without also setting up a blog post. Which is a ton of work. I know I make it seem easy. Ha! Other times it's because of something it's just hard to come up with what to say without all my reviews sounding the same. I want to give each book its own review. It's a new year and I'm promising to do my best and do more reviews. Remember if you ever read one of the books that I've reviewed either leave on comment on the blog post or head over to my Facebook page and comment on the review there. I always love hearing what others think about the books I've read. 


  1. haha yeah I feel ya about Goodreads and reviewing. Sometimes I read reviews if I am on the fence about a book. But most times I don't read the reviews until after I read it too. But sometimes I will read a review and it convinces me to read the book. But with ARC's I don't read the reviews first if its an auto read author. I do try to review every book I read unless its a super short novella. But I shelve my books pretty detailed. I stick pretty closely with Goodreads and my spreadsheet so I have an accurate tracking of my books. Although I used to be terrible at keeping up with it which is why the early years of blogging, my goodreads challenges are so badly tracked haha

    1. I always need to keep track of what I've read. Sometimes I forget to make notes and it pisses me off. Fingers crossed I am better this year.


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