Book Review: Recipe for a Homecoming by Sabrina York

To heal from the wounds of her abusive marriage, Veronica James returns to her grandmother’s bookshop in small-town Butterscotch Ridge. The first thing she does is transform the dusty old shop into a cozy bakery/café. The second? Steel her heart against the charms of her first love, sexy rancher Mark Stirling. He’s never stopped longing for a second chance with the girl who got away—and he’s willing to accept whatever Roni is willing to give. But when their “friends with benefits” deal reveals emotions that run deep, maybe Mark can convince her that together they’re the perfect blend.
For me, Sabrina York is a newer author. This is only the second story I read by her. I really enjoyed the first book in the series and wanted to read this one too and I'm glad I did. 

I truly enjoyed this family. I like reading about their lives. Up this time is Mark. This is a bit of a second-chance romance. They were young and did really have a ton of romance going on. Now here's their chance. 

Sadly Veronica's marriage taught her not to trust men so Mark has his work cut out for him. 

I liked how gently he was with her. He still wanted to have a relationship with her even though she made it pretty plain that she couldn't love another man. Mark was so sweet that it was impossible to not fall in love. 

You'll enjoy seeing how Veronica takes back her life and becomes strong again. Mark helps her find her confidence and be the person she can be. 

The idea of a bookstore/bakery is such a cute one. I know I'd go. What a perfect way of getting them to spend so much time together. Having Mark fix up the bookstore to be a bookstore/bakery keeps him in her life. Even if it's only for a while. 

I found this to be a very sweet romance with some ups and downs. Life isn't always easy and this showed that and how things can always change. If you like small-town well-written romances you'll really enjoy this one. 


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