ARC Review: Skin Deep by Tara Wyatt

Violet MacAllister is no stranger to rejection. Growing up with dyslexia, she was bullied mercilessly, making her feel as though she would never be good enough. And she believed it—until she found art and a new way of expressing herself. But her wounds run deep, and even though she’s been pining over her best friend Hudson for years, he has no idea, and she intends to keep it that way. He’s everything she could ever want—sensitive, artistic, hard-working, smart, and so, so hot—but she knows they’ll only ever be friends.

Hudson Prescott has been through a lot. He lost his father as a child, his fiancée jilted him, and six months ago, he was in a terrifying motorcycle accident that could’ve cost him his life. The one bright spot through the dark times has been his friend and co-worker Violet, who’s talented, driven to help others, and a total sweetheart. She’s his closest friend, and he’d be lost without her.

But one emotional night, everything changes, and suddenly Hudson’s seeing Violet in a different light. One that has him questioning how he could’ve been so blind to what was in front of him this entire time: Violet, with her curls, and tattoos, and her laugh that feels like sunshine. So when Violet has a proposition for him—one that involves her painting a nude portrait of him—he agrees. Because now that his eyes are open, he’ll do anything to make her see she’s the one for him.

Including bare it all.
I can't believe we are at the end of the Prescott series. I've loved them all and as sad as it is that we are leaving them I am excited for what's next. 

I would like to say she saved the best for last but since they are all so good I can't really say that. I will say that she saved one of the sexiest of the Prescotts for last. Since you meet Hudson you feel like he's a sexy alpha male that is a marshmallow inside for those he cares about. 

You will just love Hudson and Violet's story. They are just perfect for each other. The sweetest people you'll ever meet. 

What I liked about them is that since they've been friends for such a long time they already know all the little things about each other. What they don't know is how to deal with having a sexual relationship and still stay friends. 

Weirdly Hudson doesn't have the same issues as Violet does.  She has so much baggage from her childhood that she has an issue with seeing herself as those around her see her. She still sees that little girl who is struggling. With the help of Hudson and a very sweet woman, she learns to take a chance and live. 

You'll love to see how they grow as people and just how much they love each other. The best part of this story is that there is no big issue that happens to them. They don't have a big fight that helps them realize that love each other they just, know. 

If you haven't yet read this series it's well worth reading. You'll love each of the stories that the author has created. I will share with you that they are very sexy so if that's not your jam you might want to go into them carefully but for those who don't mind needing a cold drink after reading it you'll just love it. Have any of you read her?


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