ARC Review: A Second Chance in Valentine Valley by Emma Cane

Steph Brissette is inching back to life after losing her high school sweetheart husband in a tragic accident. Between her family, her work at the Sugar and Spice Bakery, and helping the Valentine Valley widows save an historic schoolhouse, her days are full. It's only in her dreams that she revisits the accident - one that she can't quite convince herself was not her fault.
That is, until Jeremy Chen comes back to town.

Jeremy left Valentine for medical school and has now returned to take his place as the town's new doctor. He first knew Steph as the bratty little sister of his best friend. Then, in one heartbreaking moment, she became the woman he saved - and the widow of the man he couldn't help. Still searching for his new place in town, Jeremy now sees Steph as a desirable woman. But can she ever look at him without seeing everything she lost? The only certainty is that in a town called Valentine, love is always worth a second chance.
I was so happy when we got another story in the Valentine Valley series. From the beginning, I really enjoyed these books and the characters within them. It took me a bit to remember this world and the people in it since it's been a while since I've read anything by this author. But I was happy that it did click into place.

This is a bit of a sad story. You feel for poor Stephanie and what happened in her life. The loss of her husband and her feelings and guilt make it hard for her to move on. She has no plans of doing that until Jeremy walks back into her life. 

Poor Jeremy has so much guilt himself. He hurts for Steph's loss and feel's bad for what he feels is his part in it. Of course, he hasn't done anything wrong and neither has Steph. Sadly guilt is a funny thing. 

I really enjoyed the romance between these two. It didn't happen right away even though they both have feelings for each other. Jeremy is waiting for Steph to be able to move on after her loss. He never pushes it and in fact, doesn't really make a move at all. Life helps these two out. And the widows. As they work together and spend time with each other they share their feeling for each other. 

This is a sweet story that shows you that horrible thing that happens in your life don't mean that happiness won't find you again. I liked both Steph and Jeremy and both their families. Jeremy didn't want to push her into anything but he did make it plain to her that he cared about her and wanted something with her. I think that helped her start to forgive herself and see her future. 

I'm so glad I was able to visit Valentine Valley again and would love to go back there. If you like small-town romance with helpful neighbors then you'll love this series. Have any of you read her?


  1. Lovely review for this one. I am so happy that this author is back to writing and very intrigued to see what is delivered here.


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