Book Review: Eternal Shadows by Nina Bangs

He is one of the Eleven—beings with the souls of ultimate predators from Earth’s far-distant past. Primal, lethal, irresistible. The planet’s protectors. Because after millions of years, an implacable enemy has returned.

Selene has come to this planet with those who believe humans have outlived their welcome on Earth. She soon changes her mind. Now she’s working for the good guys. Or is she?

Rap might not trust her, but that doesn’t stop the sensual pull drawing them closer. And Selene is still trying to wrap her mind around her feelings for this man who gives new meaning to animal magnetism even as he craves blood and darkness. Who is he, really?

With the fate of Earth only weeks away, they must trust each other enough to fight for the future of humanity and their love.
Eternal Shadows has been a long time coming but thankfully it's finally here. The last one in the series was done in 2010. A crazy long time ago. But the wait is over and so worth it. So many questions are answered and we learn so much more. 

I couldn't wait to read Eternal Shadows and made sure to read it as slowly as I could. I kinda wanted it to last since I wasn't sure when we'd get another book in the series. 

We finally get to know what happened to Rap/Adam. I won't say too much in case you have yet gotten a chance to enjoy the first three books in the series and know what happened. Let's just say that Rap/Adam has gone through a bit of a rough time. You won't be able to not feel bad for him. 

Adam's life is getting better but life, in general, is still up in arms. From reading the prior books you know what's going on and what they are fighting for.  I wasn't sure how the author was going to handle her continual storyline but she did a good job. She's left it open so that more can come even though the other storyline is partly over. 

I really liked Selene. She just couldn't be as bloodthirsty as Zero wanted her to be.  When she felt things were wrong she did what she could to fix them. There is so much more to her than you first know. She has layers. She cares for those she thinks are weaker than her. For some, that's a weakness, for others, it makes her the wonderful person she is. 

As a whole, this is a wonderful story that gives you so much information and so much happens within the story. I think the author knew she had to close out the past storyline and did a good job of it but maybe made the story a bit busy. She also added some surprises and gave us enough to know that the series can continue. I can see a certain god causing trouble. 

As much as I really loved this story I would say it's not standalone. You really need to read the prior books to totally understand it. Not to worry there are only three and they are so good. This is the perfect series to cuddle up with. 


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