ARC Review: The Thief Who Loved Me by Cynthia Eden

It’s hard to be good. And rather exhausting…

After a lifetime of sin, Rembrandt “Remy” Stuart is finally on the road to redemption, but a former bad guy must always watch out for temptation. His temptation? It comes in the unexpected but ever-so-seductive package that is Jacqueline Peters. One look, and he’s hooked.

From the moment he sees her, Remy is inspired.

He’s never been one to rush to the rescue—not really his thing—but when a shoeless Jacqueline enters the crowded bar, Remy can practically feel her fear. The beautiful woman is running from something—more like someone—so Remy decides to be her knight in severely tarnished armor. For a price, of course. Because nothing is ever free. Certainly not him.

His price? Jacqueline will be his muse.

He’ll give her a job and a safe place to stay, but, in return, she has to pose for him. She’ll be his model as Remy finally tries to create work of his own and not, ahem, just incredible forgeries that can be used by all sorts of dangerous criminals—the people that Remy knows too well. And if Remy and Jacqueline happen to give in to the burning hot attraction between them, attraction that grows even hotter with every moment that passes, then who is he to argue with fate?

She needed a hero. She got the bad guy.

Jacqueline is sweet and good, careful and controlled, and she may just be everything he ever wanted. And she mistakenly thinks he’s some kind of hero. Adorable but…so not the case. When danger from her past follows her to Remy’s, he’ll have to show her who he really is. Because there is no way that he’s going to let anyone hurt his muse. Being good can only get a man so far.

But being bad…that just might save the day.
I always find my happy place when I read a book by Cynthia Eden. She's just one of the writers for me and no matter what she writes I love it. Sometimes I think she's writing just for me. When you find an author like that you don't ever what to let them go. 

You meet Remy in a prior book. He's one of those guys that is both bad and good at the same time. He's got a soft spot for those he cares about and does all he can to protect them. I like that about him. You know he's capable of loving because you see how much he did to protect his sister. What he gave up to make sure she was safe. 

You'll feel for Jacqueline. She's all alone in the world and at times it takes her a bit to see what's happening right in front of her eyes. None of us what to think of someone being able to take advantage of us but it happens. Thankfully for Jacqueline when it happens she runs into one man that can keep her safe. 

This is a wonderful fast-paced story that you won't be able to put down. Once the action starts it keeps going till the end. Not only will you enjoy both Remy and Jacqueline but Remy's friend is in it. I'm glad those two are still friends. 

All The Thief Who Loved Me did was make me want more. The author leaves us enough at the end of the story to know that Constantine will have his own story soon. Have any of you read her?


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