ARC Review: A Christmas House Wedding by Victoria James

‘Tis the season at The Christmas House, and Ruby Harris is getting married—but a winter storm of emotion could derail the whole affair in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Victoria James’s second Christmas House novel.

Ruby Harris, longtime owner of the historic B&B, The Christmas House, is tying the knot—on Christmas Eve! Olivia Harris is thrilled for her grandmother and can’t wait to help plan the event.

Newly divorced, with an adorable baby girl, Olivia has spent the last year starting a new life in Silver Springs. First on her list is to renovate the old warehouse she’s purchased and launch her dance studio. Second is to find a date for the wedding. And third is to not fall for that date, because she’s sworn off relationships forever.

When Olivia’s meets Scott, a talented contractor, she hires him for the renovation. She also tries to ignore the sparks that fly between them. Then, an unexpected Christmas guest arrives: Olivia’s ex, Will, who’s come to rekindle their relationship. Now, Olivia must decide if she has it in her heart to forgive Will, or if she should pursue an exciting new relationship with Scott.
We all know just how much I love reading holiday romances. The holidays are my jam so when I see books that are holiday related I have to give them a try. More the merrier. I know I've read James before but it's been a while. I will say what I didn't notice was that this was book two in the series. 

I figured that it wouldn't be too bad to start with the second book but for me, it turned out to be a bit confusing. I kinda got the idea that this is more like a part two than a book two. It could be that there is just so much overlap from the first book that it felt that way to me. 

As I got into the story I started to really enjoy parts of it. The parts that felt newer worked for me. I'm talking about the relationship between Scott and Olivia. I felted for Olivia. Her life hasn't turned out as she planned but then again life doesn't often go as we plan. I really enjoyed Scott. He's a nice guy that is willing to help out a friend. 

I did like her grandmother and sister. But her mother is another thing. That woman is all hate. She's so unhappy with herself that she feels she needs to take it out on others. 

I wish I enjoyed this more but I just couldn't totally like it. I felt like I was always missing something. Maybe if you read book one you won't feel that way. It's not a horrible story just one that feels slightly off. Good characters take it from me not liking it and push it to like but not loving. 


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