Book Club Thursday

Welcome back to #BookClubThursday!

So for this free day, I thought I'd bring up my thoughts for next year for BCT. I've decided to stop doing this post. When I started it there were three of us and it worked as a club. Now with just me, it seems a little silly. Saying all that I don't want to not have something good to post on Thursdays so I've decided that I was going to make it a Reading Challenge day. I will be working on fun challenges that I hope you'll all join me in doing. Nothing really hard I understand we are all busy in life. 

I'm thinking something like read the next book in a series, try a new author. That type of thing. By the time we get to the last BCT in December, I'll have a better idea of what I'll be doing. 

Thank you all who have kept up with BCT for all these years, I'm hoping you'll keep with me for the new year and new challenges. 

October 6th "Trivia Thursday"


  1. Yeah it can be hard sometimes to keep a meme going if its just you and your original group doesn't do it anymore!

    1. You are so right. It's not easy going from a group to yourself.


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