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Shapeshifter Cole Masters ferociously protects his community. Sent in to defuse an escalating hostage situation, he and his fellow SWAT members pull out all the stops to save the innocent victim from his brutal captors. But he’s shocked to scent his fated mate at the crime scene… standing on the side of the kidnappers.

Maya Danvers is desperate to talk some sense into her brother. After her attempt to right his wrongs lands her in an interrogation, she struggles to bury her attraction for the handsome operative demanding answers. Shouldn’t she have bigger concerns than the sexy agent?

Trying to keep his supernatural identity a secret, Cole fears that when they both come under fire, their explosive chemistry will shatter. But when Maya attracts the wrong kind of attention, there’s more at stake than hiding his nature.

There’s nothing he won’t do to protect his true mate.
I've been really enjoying finding new authors to try. This month I found Bella Drake. I've always loved shifters but in the last year or so I haven't been reading as much of them so finding a new author that I like that writes them was a happy happenstance. 

I liked the whole idea of a group of shifters that work with the FBI. It brings in the suspense in the story. How Maya and Cole met was perfect. I liked how he didn't even understand that what he felt for her, in the beginning, was a mate bond. It makes it more natural. 

You'll really enjoy both Maya and Cole. Both are good people. Maya is a sweet and hard-working person. She doesn't deserve the crap her family has dealt her. I'm so glad she found someone like Cole to be by her side. Someone to protect and cherish her. 

I really enjoyed the story and all the interactions between the team. They really added to Cole and Maya's story. Yes, both Maya and Cole fall in love very quickly but anyone who reads shifters knows that when they find their mate that happens. I don't mind it because their story is more about how they get to know each other and learn to fit in each other's life. 

As a whole, this was a fun story for me to read. I've already read the second book in the series and can't wait to read more of them. Have any of you read her?

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