ARC Review: Ice Cold Saint by Cynthia Eden

Saint is in the family business…the business of hunting killers and closing unsolved cases. He knows his reputation—most people think he is a monster. Dangerous, cold, deadly…and with no conscience. But it takes a guy like him to get the job done. And his latest job? Well, that job has him tracking down a suspected Black Widow…the beautiful and ever-so-seductive Alice Shephard. A woman who is linked to the disappearance of three men.

Beauty can be the coldest lie of all.

Whispers and scandal follow her every step, but Alice doesn’t seem to care. Is she responsible for the disappearances—and possible deaths—of three ex-lovers? Saint will find out. He’s stepping into her web, and if she’s guilty, he’ll personally lock her away, just as he has done on case after case before. Emotions never get in his way.

Wanting her isn’t a surprise. Needing her is.

Alice seems immune to his charm. Fair enough, mostly because Saint isn’t known for charm. But he is hell on wheels when it comes to seduction, and the attraction between him and Alice is electric. When he touches her, need rocks through him, a desire so fierce that it threatens to consume them both. But Saint can want her and still lock her away. No problem. Or…

Problem. What if she’s not guilty?

When Alice saves his life, Saint realizes there is more to her than meets the eye. Maybe she’s using him, maybe everything is a game to her, or maybe…maybe Alice is the real victim in the story and not the villain. Unlikely, but…what if? What if all along someone else was attacking from the dark? What if someone else is determined to claim Alice, to eliminate all other men from her life?

And what if Saint might just wind up losing the one person he needs above all others?

They call him Saint, but everyone knows he’s a monster…and he’s ready to let his dark side out to hunt.
If you follow me you know that I'm a huge fan of Cynthia Eden. She has written some of my favorite books, and I love her heroes. 9 out of 10 times I also enjoy her heroines too, sadly this isn't one of them. 

I just found poor Alice offputting. I just couldn't like her for most of the book. She was just kinda sneaky. Rat like. It took me almost midway through the book before I started to understand her. For me, once that happened she was more likable. 

I'm gonna tell you right now that not liking Alice didn't stop by from enjoying the book. In fact, I really liked it and totally loved Saint. He is such a great guy. Yes, he's a little dark but that's how most of her alpha males are. So very sexy. 

You will love how protective he is and how he just wants the truth. He'll do all he can to make sure Alice is safe. You learn that she'll do all she can to keep those she cares about safe too. So much happens within the story that you will like and I have to admit that some of the comebacks that go back and forth between Alice and Saint cracked me up. I think because Eden is such a good writer I was able to enjoy the story will not being a total fan of Alice. 

The comebacks between Alice and Saint aren't the only funny parts of the book. The way she gives Memphis crap shows the real her. Such a complicated character. I'd love to say so much more but you need to read it for yourself. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one. 


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