ARC Review: At Home on Marigold Lane by Debbie Mason

For family and marriage therapist Brianna MacLeod, moving back home to Highland Falls after a disastrous divorce feels downright embarrassing. Bri blames herself for missing the red flags in her relationship and worries she’s no longer qualified to do the job she loves. But helping others is second nature to Bri, and she soon finds herself counseling her roommate and her neighbor’s daughter. Bri just wasn’t expecting them to reunite her with her first love . . .

Caleb Scott knows his failed marriage has been tough on his stepdaughter, so he’s grateful she’s found someone to confide in . . . even if it’s Bri MacLeod. Seeing Bri brings up feelings he’d thought were long buried. He knows it’s not the right time for either of them to be rekindling a relationship, but being with Bri feels right—like coming home. He’ll just have to convince her that risking her heart again might give them exactly what they both need . . . a second chance.
I've been waiting for what seems like forever for this one but it was really only a few months ago. We left off wanting to see what happens to Bri and how she'll move on from the horror that had been her life. 

You go into the story feeling so bad for Bri. You know what she's been through and then start to learn more about her life in general and feel even worse. It seems like her mother has spent most of her life choicing what she should do and making decisions for her. I really can't stand the woman and don't feel bad about what she herself has gone through. She's not a good person. 

But enough about her mother. I was happy that at the beginning of the book you see that she's not a hundred percent yet. She still has some healing to do. Some of it is her own fault but I think after all she has gone through she just could face her health. 

I really liked Caleb and wasn't happy about him and his wife staying together for the dumbest reasons. His wife needed a ton of growing up to do and needs a lot of help with her many issues. She's not a horrible person but has an issue with only thinking about herself and making others do as she wants. I kinda wish Caleb had more of a backbone when it came to her but he didn't. Part of it was because of his love for his stepdaughter. 

Because of all the lies, it put both Caleb and Bri in a bad light. At times I didn't care for where the story was going but understood why it did. There is a ton of good humor in the story and I liked how so many of the characters are forced to do things that are uncomfortable for them but are the right thing to do. 

The story ends how it should and makes you wonder what's happening next. As always I enjoyed the book and want more from Mason. I'd love to say even more about the book but I don't want to ruin anything for anyone else. You should read it for yourself. Do any of you read her? 


  1. I follow this author on fb and have read and enjoyed a couple of her books. I think this sounds like a good one too.

    1. I like her books. She's really good at writing characters.


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