Weekly Round Up: August 22nd-28th

I know I was just saying how shocked I was when August started and now here we are on the last Sunday of August. How did that happen? I hope you all had a good August. Mine was great. I'm sad to see my flowers starting to die but I know soon I'll be decorating for fall and adding my fall flowers to the planters. It's my favorite time of the year. Have a good week!


As you can see I had a pretty good week. 

I'm looking for new authors to read, so share who you love with me.

Book Review: Sizzling by Susan Mallery (I didn't get to it this week)
Book Review: Recipe for a Homecoming by Sabrina York
Book Review: One of These Nights by Kendra Leigh Castle
Man Down by Kate Meader 


  1. Its also my favorite time of the year. I am glad that you had such a solid week though. Happy Reading!


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