Book Review: The Merriest Magnolia by Michelle Major

Carrie Reed has always been known as her hometown Good Girl, yet she still loves Magnolia, North Carolina—after all, this is where her newly discovered sisters, Avery and Meredith, live. But Christmas is on its way and with it, her first love. Dylan Scott is back in town and planning on changing everything she’s ever loved about Magnolia with his real estate development project…but not without a fight.

Returning to Magnolia was never in Dylan’s plans—it holds too many reminders that he would never be good enough, and memories of the girl he left behind. But when a tragedy leaves him guardian of a grieving teenager, Dylan returns, ready to remake the town into something only money can buy, small-town traditions be damned. But with Carrie determined to stop him, he finds himself wondering if redeeming his teenage reputation is worth losing out on his second chance at love.
 This series has all the things I love. During the holidays, it's a small-town romance with wonderful characters. Who wouldn't love it? 

Like so many books that I read that aren't arc's I'm behind on reviewing them. Sadly this series is done and she started a new one within the same town with so many of the characters we enjoyed. I'm working very hard on getting caught up on them. 

This series is so good because of the interactions of three women that find themselves to be sisters. Two have lived within the same town and didn't even know. The other came from out of town and learned of it when they all did when the father died. 

Being found sisters adds a whole layer to this series. You have the story of how they learn to deal with each other and come together when they need each other. You also have the romance story between Carrie and Dylann. 

I will admit at first I didn't care for Dylann at all. He seemed to want to do nothing but take over. Everything! He had something to prove and you see that as the story progresses. Slowly you start to see him as a person like the rest of us with all our insecurities. Not an evil monster. Not that Carrie believed that at first. 

Carrie has had a lot on her plate. She has lost a man that she knew didn't love her like she should have but because he was her father she has trouble facing that. She gets two new sisters, one she doesn't even like. Add that to her ex coming back and the holidays right around the corner and who wouldn't be stressed? 

I really liked how these two learned to come back to each other. Old hurt feelings are mended and they learn that the people they became are ones that they each could still love. It takes a bit for them to work it all out and Carrie has her sisters to help her. She also tries to help Dylann with his cousin's son that now lives with him. 

There are a lot of emotions that run through this book. It's easy to read even though at times you wanted to shake them. This is a wonderful story with some holiday cheer thrown in. 



  1. I am glad that you enjoyed this one, I think I may have heard of this author, but haven't heard much about her. Small town romances are the jam and the butter of a romance reader.

    1. She's a newer author for me and I've been enjoying her.


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