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Gorilla shifter Zane Keeton has spent the last twenty-seven years of his life at Amazing Adventures Safari Park, where shifters live in secret away from humans. The enjoyment he gets from tuning up safari vehicles and hanging out in his shifted form for the park visitors has slowly ebbed, and now his thoughts are consumed with finding a mate of his own.

When human Adriana and her best friend, Celeste, receive free tickets for a VIP tour of the safari, they decide that it’s just the sort of exciting adventure that they’ve been waiting for. But when their vehicles are separated, Adriana finds herself on the receiving end of unwanted attention from a creepy tour guide. As the tour guide suddenly attacks her in front of the gorilla paddock, she’s rescued by an unlikely hero – one of the gorillas.

Adriana quickly discovers that her rescuer is no ordinary gorilla. Not only are shifters real, but the gorilla who saved her life claims that she’s his soulmate. Is she willing to let go of everything she knows and embrace being Zane’s mate?
So in July, I decided that for the rest of the year for the reading challenges I was going to read only new to me authors. I'm so happy that I did. Last month was enjoyable but this month was even better. I was looking for someone new to read and when I came across this series on Facebook I couldn't pass it up. 

I mean, how fun does this series sound! 

The idea of this series is such a great idea. I loved it. I mean how could you not like the idea of a gorilla shifter? Something a little different than usual. Not that I'm going to give up my tigers, bears, and wolves. I just like to change it up a little. 

You'll really like Zane and the other characters in the story. I liked how all the shifters worked together to try to help find mates. We all know it seems like for shifters it's love a first sight. I don't mind that as much for them. Animals think differently. It works. 

It really worked for this series since it's what the main plot is about. It's a fun way for the shifter to find their mates. Who would love a private tour of the park? I know I would. 

You'll love both Zane and Adriana. Right away he's very protective of her and when she's threatened goes a bit crazy. Yes, Adriana right away falls for Zane and feels safe but that's what you expect with mates. Since this is a very short read you don't get into too much about the park but you do end up meeting a lot of the characters that live and work in the park. 

What a wonderful start to a series I can't wait to read more of. Have any of you read her before?

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  1. Thats a very interesting challenge there. I hope you end up finding some great new authors to read. I really don't mind insta love in shifter romance at all and normally authors handle it better than in any other genre.

    1. I'm hoping to find new ones too. I really liked this one and will read more of them. Yep, instant love is fine they just have to come up with another to make the book enjoyable.

  2. Ok, you had me at Gorilla shifter. I haven't read one of those before.


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