ARC Review: Waiting on Forever by Claudia Connor

Dallas Walker is haunted. He won’t ever forget the horrors he witnessed while working undercover to bust a human trafficking ring, but he has a plan to start a new life. Coming home to his family is step one. Getting to know his alluring new neighbor could be step two. If only she’d give him a chance…

Maggie Ellis just wants to be left alone. She’d rather spend her days spinning clay into art and feel nothing than open herself up to another devastating loss. But her sexy new neighbor with a lonely look in his eyes isn’t giving up. And he makes her question everything…

Together, Dallas and Maggie might have a shot at happily ever after. But only if they can let go of the past and hold on to each other when it matters most.
I was very lucky to get an early copy of Waiting on Forever by Claudia Connor. I've been enjoying the Walker Brothers series. I'm kinda sad that it's at its end. For those of you who have already been reading this series, you'll be so happy with this final installment of the Walker Brothers. 

Waiting on Forever is about Dallas Walker and Maggie Ellis. These two don't seem like they would work together but once you really get into the story you see how much these two need each other. 

Maggie is such a sad woman. She has locked herself away from anyone she cared about and doesn't make any effort to really be close to anyone in her new hometown. For years she's just a shell of a person. When you learn about why she is the way she is you understand and it breaks your heart over and over again as she thinks about it. 

Dallas's past isn't much better. His work has left him feeling unsteady and angry. He's a good man that's worked very hard to keep others safe. He's a great guy and has some very funny moments with his female relatives. 

I really enjoyed the interactions between Dallas, Maggie, and family members. There are a few ups and downs that will shock you a little bit but I liked how they worked it out together. As a whole, this is a wonderful heartwarming story that will keep you reading till the very end.

We might be saying goodbye to the Walker family but I'm looking forward to seeing what's next. Have any of you read her? 


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