ARC Review: Surrendering to Hunt by Jennifer Ryan

The last thing lawman Hunt Wilde ever dreamed he'd do was fall hard for a purple-haired troublemaker like Cyn Wilson. While Hunt believes in law and order, Cyn lives life fast and loose--with fast cars and wild nights. But when Cyn's sister disappears, she surprisingly turns to him for help. Never let it be said that a Wilde man turned down a woman in distress--and on a mission.

It takes a lot for Cyn to swallow her pride and ask Hunt for anything. The man never gives her a break and is always staring at her with those perceptive eyes. But beneath Cyn's tough exterior beats a heart as wide and beautiful as Wyoming itself--and soon she finds herself surrendering to the overpowering attraction simmering between them and partnering with him in the search for her missing sister.

She won't rest until she learns the truth, even if that means putting herself in harm's way. And when Hunt discovers how much danger Cyn is in because of him, he's even more determined to take down the man who would take her out of Hunt's life--forever.
I'm always so happy to read a book of Jennifer Ryan's. I always love her characters. She's got some of the greatest heroes. When we met Hunt in Chase's book he didn't seem to be very good hero material. To be honest, I didn't like him that much. But I knew Ryan has a wonderful way of giving us heroes that are more than what they seem. 

When you think of Hunt you think that the woman who'd be with him would be some mild-mannered lady. He seems like the kind of guy that didn't want anyone too wild. This is why Cyn is perfect for him. She's everything he doesn't realize he needs. 

I really loved Cyn. She's the best. You think she'd be really wild and crazy with the way she looks but, to be honest, she's a very caring down to earth person. She works so hard trying to get her sister a better life but when it all seems to blow up and she's trying not to fall apart she has Hunt there to stand with her. 

There are times when you wonder if these two can work past all that happens but you notice right away that Cyn thinks like a grown-up. She doesn't blame others for what is happening only the people that caused the bad things to happen. 

Hunt hurts for Cyn and all she is going through, he stands by her even when she does things that scare him to death. Instead of trying to change her to fit more into his life, he embraces her instead. You'll love Hunt and Cyn and spend most of their story both happy and sad.  I spent much of it an emotional mess. Ryan does that to me all the time. 

Surrendering to Hunt is the second book in the series and yes it's a standalone but I think you'll enjoy it more if you read Chase's book first. Have any of you read her? 


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