ARC Review: Return to Cherry Blossom Way by Jeannie Chin

Mercilessly bullied in high school, May Wu took her first ticket out of town and never looked back. Her job as a travel writer keeps her on the move, and that's how she likes it. Right until her editor assigns her a story in the last place she ever wanted to go: home. Even worse? The first person she runs into is her ex.

After the death of his father, Han Leung took over his family's restaurant. It’s a far cry from his dream of opening his own place, but duty comes first. His own desires always come last. Until May shows up again and makes those desires impossible to ignore. She was his first love, and he’s never really gotten over her. Back in school, they couldn't find a way to let her have her wings while he kept his feet on the ground. But it turns out love is even stronger the second time around...
I've been really enjoying this series. I love when I start a new author and they just work for me. That's how I felt with Chin. Right away I loved her characters and want to know more about them. You've already learned about the Wu family from the first book. They are the main characters so far in the series. I really love them but haven't really gotten to know June's sister as much as I would have liked in her story.  

Not a big deal we've got May's story now and I will tell you for the most part I really enjoyed it. I understood why May felt the way she did about her hometown. She hadn't had a great life growing up and it really molded her as an adult. I do feel that at times her anger was missed placed. She like so many of us take it out on easier targets, like the ones you love us. 

I love Han. I liked him from the first book. He's one of those characters that grab you and make you want to know their story. I felt for him. The way his life turned out wasn't really what he wanted but that didn't stop him from stepping up and taking charge when he has to. I loved that about him. It's not always easy to not become bitter when life steps on your dreams and wants. 

These two have so much going against them. I sometimes wondered how they would get together and stay together. Out of the two Han is the more likable person. He's a lot less selfish and thinks for others before himself. May his a problem with that. She thinks of herself first then maybe others after. 

As the story moves on you see them both grow as characters and find them learning to deal with their past. As a whole, I enjoyed this story and can't wait for more in the series. Have any of you read her before?


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