ARC Review: Hunted by Allyson Charles

Marine Raider Jake Skinner has a nose for trouble. He never expected to find it in a beautiful woman adrift at sea. But once he has her in his arms, he knows he’s never letting her go.

Caroline only had one rule when it came to dating – no military men. When the sexy Marine pulls her from the ocean, her resolution goes to war against his resolve to break through her walls – and goes against her own secret longings.

As a drug cartel sets its sights on Caroline, Jake is determined to move heaven and earth to keep her safe. But if Caroline can’t learn to trust her heart, it could spell the end for them both.
I kind of took a chance on this one. I haven't been reading much romantic suspense lately but I do love Allyson Charles' books. So I thought, what the heck and age it a try. I'm so glad I did. I ended up loving it. It's so well-written and has wonderful characters, Ones that you'll so badly want their stories. 

Poor Caroline's life isn't going just the way she planned on. What do they say, that dating can be the death of you! Or maybe that's just this book. From the start, you'll like her. She's sweet and funny. Not sure why she had trouble finding a partner in life but I guess it only took the right person. I know she has an issue with military people and doesn't want to date anyone in it for good reason for her. I'm glad she got over it. 

You'll love Jake. He's a sexy alpha male that takes charge. Right away he fell for Caroline and will do anything to protect her. I think that what I liked about him so much is how protective he is. He's also a good friend. I love the funny moments between him and his men. 

Hunted is a fast-paced story that moves quickly. You'll feel like you've only read a couple pages when bam, it's done. I will tell you that it was so good I can't wait for the next book in the series. Which I found is coming soon. Lucky us. Have any of you read her?


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