Novella Review: A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Melinda Curtis

A perfect day...

Beck O'Brien is a financial whiz with a passion for horse breeding and today he's getting married. Maggie is the perfect bride. She's steady when he's volatile, kind when he forgets to be, and forgiving of his long hours. She's everything Beck wants in a bride.

Until Kitty steps in…

Kitty Summer is certain that her sister Maggie is making the biggest mistake of her life. Beck O'Brien doesn't love Maggie, but Maggie refuses to listen to reason. If Kitty can't tell Maggie she's making a mistake, then maybe she can show her. There's only one way to prove that Beck is the right man for Maggie.

Can he pass The Kissing Test?
I've been pretty lazy using my Kindle Unlimited lately so I was looking around it and found this series by Melinda Curtis and thought I should try it. I've read a few of her other books so I was pretty sure I'd like it. 

And I was right. 

There are so many characters I just loved in it. I wished I hadn't found this series until they were all out so I could have read them all in one sitting but instead I have to wait a bit. 

A Kiss is Just a Kiss starts off at a wedding and I right away didn't like the groom. The one comment that starts the downfall of his wedding is enough to dislike him. I quickly learned that Beck is more than what meets the eye. Sadly what you hear isn't always what someone is really saying which is the case with Beck. 

Poor Kitty has spent so much of her childhood protecting her sisters and sometimes even acting like their parent that when she thinks Beck is not the right person for Maggie her sister she steps in and it all blows up in her face. 

You can almost be pissed at Kitty for what she's done but once you understand it all you truly do get that she acted out of love, not want. 

The adventure that Beck and Kitty go on after everyone but Kitty's grandmother leaves them is such a fun trip. You'll really get to know both Beck and Kitty and see what they are truly about. You'll also love her grandma Dotty who really livens up the story and helps move it along. 

A Kiss is Just a Kiss is a quick read that will keep you turning the pages of it. I will mention the story doesn't get too deep and doesn't have a ton of emotional feelings in it but as a whole, a wonderful story. 


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