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A mystery brings Ally Monroe to the idyllic seaside town of Cape Hope, North Carolina. On the quest to find out more about the father who abandoned her, Ally has no intention of getting too involved in the community. Only Cape Hope has a way of drawing people in and, before Ally knows it, she’s falling hard and fast in love with the whole town and its old-fashioned, charming ways – and particularly local single-dad Luke Miller and his adorable daughter Stella.

Volunteer firefighter Luke has been single since his wife died in childbirth six years earlier, making Stella his sole priority. But there’s something compelling about the beautiful out-of-towner and, before long, both Luke and his daughter are welcoming Ally into their home.

She came to Cape Hope looking for family and instead Ally found her way to Luke and Stella– but will they still want her when they realize she’s been lying to them about who she really is and what she’s doing in town?
I've mentioned before that I was going to be doing something a little different with the rest of the year's reading challenge. I decided to each month read a new author. So this is the first one of my new reading challenges. Happily, it's also a Christmas story so that ties into Christmas in July. 

As many of you know I'm a lover of both small towns and Christmas. Put the two together and I'm in heaven. Add a single dad and you've made my day. There is so much I really loved about this book. The sweet humor and the well-written story will draw you in and keep you there until you finish the story.

I really enjoyed Luke and his daughter Stella. She's a sweet kid and you'll enjoy the relationship between father and daughter. Some of the best parts of the story are between them. You totally understand how Luke feels about opening his heart again for love. It's just not him. 

Most of the time I really liked Ally. She did do a few things that got on my nerves but I'm not going to really mention them here because they might not bother you so when let you go into a book thinking bad thoughts She's not a horrible person at all. She's just...

As a whole, I really enjoyed this story and I'm so glad I got a chance to read it. I loved the characters in the book and want more. I know there is another book in the series so you know what I'll be reading this Christmas season. Have any of you read her?

August 4th "This or That"


  1. oh I agree, the mix of small town and Christmas is the perfect blend!!! I am glad that you enjoyed this one here.


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