ARC Review: True Love Bookshop by Annie Rains

For Tess Lane, owning Lakeside Books is a dream come true, but it’s the weekly book club she hosts for the women in town that Tess enjoys the most. The gatherings have been her lifeline over the past three years since her husband’s mysterious death. Tess has tried to move on, but when River Harrison shows up on her doorstep, all her lingering questions come rushing back.…

River, a former marine turned private investigator, was her husband’s best friend, and seeing him again is a reminder of everything Tess lost. At first, she tries to ignore him, but Tess comes to realize that this is her chance, once and for all, to find the answers that have troubled her for years.

With the support of her friends, Tess joins River on a journey of discovery that leads them to the edges of Somerset Lake and on a road trip down the Carolina coast. Although their adventure isn’t always easy, Tess starts to find the joy in life again. But when secrets surrounding her husband’s death are finally revealed, can Tess find it in her heart to forgive the mistakes of the past … and maybe even open herself up to love again?
I just need to start off this review with a comment about the book cover. In a world of cartoon-looking covers, I have to say that I just loved how pretty this one is. The look made me want to read it. I know a cover doesn't make a book but sometimes it does help lead you to it. 

Oh boy, here we are already at book three of Rains' Somerset Lake series. I will say that I've been enjoying each book as I've read them. Up this time in Tess. She's the lucky duck that owns the town's one and only bookstore. As a former bookseller, I know how much happiness you get from working all day at a job you totally love. 

Poor Tess, the last few years haven't been that great to her what with losing her husband and all. But You'll soon see how it was going to get worse until it got better. In a nutshell, Tess got a romance book romance. Ha! I know, that sounds funny since it is a book but as a romance reader you'll understand how as you read their books the people between the covers come to like and become read to you. 

Tess is so lucky to have River in her life. She just doesn't know it yet. He is the perfect romance hero. Kind & understanding. He goes beyond not hurting Tess, something that's not always easy when emotions are part of it. 

I loved River he was just the best. Sadly Tess didn't always see that. Yes, she had some reason for not liking him at first I agree with that. I was glad that when he was in need she pushed aside her dislike and was there for him. What I didn't care for is that she wanted him to do something for her and then didn't like nor believe the results half the time. Yep, I know it is just like real life and that we hate facing things that will hurt us. Still, no one hurts my River, not even the woman he loves. 

These two are perfect for each other. They have fun together and deep down they really care for and love each other. Tess needs someone who cares for her deeply and above all others and River needs someone who can pull him into life and make him have a bit of fun. 

As you can tell I really enjoyed this one. I didn't even get a chance to tell you about the past characters you'll love visiting while reading this one. I can't wait for more Somerset Lake books. Do any of you read her?


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