ARC Review: Smitten in Summer by Jennifer Bernard

Ice cream goddess and perennial life of the party, Trixie Tran lives life large, from her eclectic wardrobe to her offbeat perspective on, well…everything. No one knows her carefully crafted persona evolved after one life-changing summer during her teens, when a need to belong led to falling for Chase Owens, who betrayed her trust. Now, years later, Mr. Wrong has come back to her tiny town of Lost Harbor…and he’s not leaving until Trixie gives him what he wants.

With his young daughter in tow, rescue trainer Mac Brindisi is in Alaska to fulfill a short-term contract. Romance isn’t part of the plan. He’s also built a career—literally—out of shutting people out of his life. Despite that fact, he’d have to be dead inside not to notice the sexy siren who owns the local ice cream shop. When some rich jerk from her past sails into town, all his protective instincts are activated…and then some.

Turns out Chase is no ordinary rich jerk. Dealing with him will take all of Mac’s skills…as well as courage Trixie didn’t know she had. Can she afford to put her trust in a man again? Or is Mac just another smitten-in-summer mistake waiting to happen?

I found this review very hard to write. I wanted to share so much with you all but didn't want to give too much away. I like when I read something for myself and don't have someone telling me the secrets or shocking parts of the book. 

The good news is that I can tell you that you'll love Smitten in Summer and the characters in the book. I totally loved Trixie and how she acted. She has a wicked sense of humor and can always have a comeback to anything said to her. She thinks of herself as just a free spirit that has no real responsibility but it's really the opposite. She works at a job she loves and takes care of her parents. 

She also says she's not a kid person. All I can say is ha!

I so loved Chase and his "classified" answer to everything. It's funny but also a reason behind it. I love how great of a father he is and how good they are together. His daughter is so sweet and loving. Their relationship is s such a great one. 

As these two get to know each other better you'll see just how perfect they are together. They find humor and support in each other. Some people should be together and these are two of those people. This is a wonderful story that you'll enjoy reading. Have any of you read her?


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