ARC Review: Ex Marks the Perfect Spot by Cynthia Eden

He can’t be the hero.

One moment, Chelsea Ember is sitting on a gorgeous, tropical island and sipping a cute drink, but in the next instant, she’s being tossed in the back of a van and spirited away. She’s terrified, desperate, and sure that she will never see her family again…then he rushes to her rescue. Her ex. Her gorgeous, hyper-controlled, heartbreaker of a former lover, Colt Easton.

He isn’t the lover she remembers…

Suddenly he’s knocking out bad guys and showing a dangerously brutal edge that she never expected. He’s fierce, vicious with the enemy, and there is no sign of the polished and cool businessman she knew before. But the attraction she felt for him since the very beginning—that scorching, consuming desire—is still there. Even if Colt does seem to be a complete stranger.

Trapped in paradise, all their secrets will be exposed.

Colt met Chelsea while he was working undercover. She never had an opportunity to get to know the real man beneath his mask, and he’s tracked her down because he wants a second chance with the woman he can’t get out of his head. When Chelsea is taken, he knows a boring, good guy won’t be able to help her. But the real Colt can. Time for Chelsea to see just how wild he can be.

A lot can happen on a hot island night.

Danger stalks Chelsea from every turn. And her best bet of getting off the island alive? Her ex, the most unlikely hero ever. A man who is proving to be a complete badass as they trek through the heart of the island and dodge the foes on their trail. He’s savage, rough, and definitely not a civilized gentleman, but Colt is exactly what she needs in order to stay alive. As they fight to survive, Chelsea realizes that she might just be in danger of falling for him all over again…
We all have that one or another author that we are hard-pressed to find a book of theirs that we don't enjoy. For me, one of those authors is Cynthia Eden. I just really love her books and feel like she writes just for me. 


Here we are back at the Wilde Ways series. One of my favorites. Here's a little secret, they are all my favorites. 

I will admit that this one is slightly different than the other books in the series for me. I don't know if it was the hero or the storyline itself. I think it was the hero. He's the same alpha hero as in all her books but he was much calmer than the rest. Yes, he still wanted to kill anyone that hurt Chelsea, but it wasn't his whole focus. The calm ones are always scary. 

I really loved Colt. Yes, he started out with a fib but you soon understand why. It didn't take Chelsea long to realize what he did wasn't against her, it was his job. Keeping secrets is a big part of it. He's a caring guy who really fell for her at a time in his life when he shouldn't have. 

Chelsea is also a good character. I liked how smart she was to understand that sometimes like can be difficult and someone can lie to you for a good reason and to not judge them just on that one lie. She really took the time to learn about Colt and together they built up the trust that was lost. 

Together these two are great. Colt will do all he can to protect Chelsea and she'll stand by his side and fight for both their safety. I love the little game they play and how honest they are now with each other. 

Ex Marks the Perfect Spot is a wonderful story that does the Wilde Ways series proud. From page one I was lost in the story till the very end. I also enjoyed our visit to Remy. He's one of those characters that you really want to know more about. He's in this story a lot so hopefully, soon we'll know his secrets. If you are looking for a good book to read this is your book. Yes, it's standalone but I'd read the prior book before this one to really enjoy it and know who's who. In fact, if you are smart I'd read the whole series. They are so good it won't take you long. Have any of you read her?


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