Review: The Rancher's Baby Surprise by Sasha Summers

Former soldier John Mitchell has come home after being discharged and asks his best friend, Natalie, to help him decompress. They're both in for a shock when a precious baby girl is dropped on Natalie's doorstep -- and John is the father! Now John needs Natalie's help more than ever. But Natalie has been in love with John forever. How can she help him find his way to being a family man, if she's not part of that family?
I have been really enjoying this series. It's made me what to read Harlequin's again. I've enjoyed this family, and I've liked it more and more with each book. Up this time is John's story. You've only really gotten to know John in prior books by what his family thought about him. He wasn't in the picture that much. 

I wasn't sure if I'd like him or not from what I got about him before. I don't want to say too much just in case you haven't yet gotten a chance to read this series. There are some parts you should learn as you read the books. I'd try reading them in order. It works much better as a whole that way. 

John comes off in the beginning as someone who feels sorry for himself. He's a blame placer that doesn't want to see the true picture at first. I do understand it. He's full of guilt from his bad choices and it's just easier to blame others than to really look at yourself. 

Natalie I really liked, she's a good person with a big heart. Often throughout the book, I wonder why she doesn't stick up for herself and put John in his place. When she finally does it makes him open his eyes and grow up. 

You'll see that these two are really great with each other and if they can get over their problems they will be the perfect family. I did love how John learned to be a father to his little girl. At first, he struggled with it but once he learned how great it is to be a dad he really did a good job of it. 

As a whole, this has been a good series. One that I think you'll really enjoy. Have any of you read her?


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