ARC Review: The Sweetest Thing by Sasha Summers

A stolen family recipe has all the ingredients to turn a rivalry into romance…

For Tansy Hill, nothing is sweeter than honey from her farm—except maybe revenge on the man who broke her heart and humiliated her all those years ago. Dane “The Viking” Knudson has been Tansy’s rival since childhood, and though he’s grown into a frustratingly handsome charmer, he’s also standing between her and the best honey award at the Honey Bee Festival, which Honey Hill Farms desperately needs to stay afloat.

Fanning the sparks that have forever flown between them, the competition is on. Sure, Tansy and Dane have plenty in common—more than they’ll admit—but Dane’s plans to expand Viking Honey are also on the line. When buried family secrets come to light, they’ll have to decide whether taking a chance on each other is worth risking the happiness they’ve been longing for.
I'm always so glad when an author I enjoy starts up a new series. When I saw the cover for The Sweetest Thing I just couldn't wait to give it a try. I mean, look at the great summer cover it has. Not only did I like the cover I also enjoy the small-town and family business part. 

The sweetest thing is a little busy in the beginning and I think that's due to the fact that the author is trying to get as much information about the characters and their lives out there for us. I get it and see this happen a lot with the first book in a new series. 

Once I learned who's who and everyone's part was in the story, it started taking off for me. Up first you have Tansy and Dane's story. Right away you see how much support Tansy gets from her family. They are close and stand for each other. They all have a close relationship and that's good since they all live together. 

I loved the scenes where the family talked about everything bees. And believe me, when you read this you'll feel like you're learning all they know about them too. I liked Tansy, she wanted too badly to be cold to Dane but she was such a nice person that she really couldn't be. Over and over again you'll see her helping him even when she doesn't want to. 

You'll really love Dane. He's the greatest guy that knows one knows is great. He works so hard for little credit and has a father that is such a jerk at times. He spends half his time trying to keep his little brother out of trouble and be there for him. Not that his brother is a bad kid, just sad and scared. 

I felt for Dane and all he goes through in the story. He really is put through the wringer. Not to worry, Dane has Tansy on his side even if neither of them knows it. The Sweetest Thing is a cute romance we some shocking moments within it. It's a wonderful story to enjoy your summer with. Have any of you read her?  


  1. Having an author we enjoy start a new series is SO much fun~ i am glad that it picked up in its pacing for you

    Great review!

    1. Yes. It might have started slowly but got so much better.


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