ARC Review: Nobody's Hero by Laura Trentham

What happens when 10 dog-loving romance authors get together and brainstorm? Why, books with rescue dogs, sexy heroes, dirty talking, and lots of dog treats, of course.

From Cynthia D'Alba – Hot Assets - A Dallas socialite must team up with a cop to save her rescued dog from a determined dognapper
From Donna Alward - Doggie on her Doorstep- When Emily's flighty cousin leaves her dog on Em's doorstep, she enlists the help of the sexy grouch next door.
From Jenna Bayley-Burke – The Guy Next Door - Fourth-grade teacher has the naughtiest dog, the punniest jokes, and perfect washboard abs...and now an angry neighbor with a busted fence thanks to his dog.
From Mandy Harbin- Rescuing Orion - When undercover FBI agents foster a dog to investigate a money launderer, ignoring their attraction becomes difficult with playing house with a cute pooch.
From Cindy Kirk - For the Love of Ivy - A city girl and the dog she rescues turns a sexy rancher’s life upside down
From Melissa Schroeder - Last Love - A single mom tries to avoid her one-night stand, but her dog, Houdini, keeps leading her to his door.
From Lexxie Couper - Who's A Good Boy? - After meeting a feisty dog trainer and a 3-legged dog, the future PM of Australia questions his future and his life.
From Shana Gray – Dogs on A Plane - A heavy snow strands a bush pilot and socialite with a pack of love hungry pups. Who saves who?
From Laura Trentham -Nobody’s Hero - An ex-con tries to persuade an abandoned puppy and an innocent romance author he's nobody's hero.
From Tamlyn Black – Nobody But You - A grumpy cowboy has his world upended by his sister's new BFF and the stray dog she brings to his door
I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of Laura Trentham's Nobody's Hero. It's part of her Cottonbloom series. A series that I really loved. I have always wanted Clayton's story since we first met him. I also wanted to know more about Maggie. So this is a win-win type of story for me. 

At first glance, you don't really think these two are perfect for each other but then you start to read their story and it's like a light bulb goes off and you know why they'd make a perfect couple. 

Maggie has so many layers to her. She's not the person that she lets everyone see. She's so much more. When you get into the story you'll see what I mean. I think Cole is perfect for her. She needs someone that seems a little naught but has a heart of gold. 

Cole is just that person. After so many hard knocks in life Cole is trying to stay on the right side of the law. He works hard and keeps to himself. At least he did until Maggie walked into his life. He's drawn to her even though he knows she should have a better man in her life. The funny part is that Cole is that better man. He just doesn't give himself any credit for the man he's become. 

Reading about these two falling in love was so sweet and fun. I couldn't be happier for any other couple. My only complaint about the book is I wanted more. The story was way too short. I guess if that's all I have to complain about life is okay. This is a wonderful addition to the Cottonbloom series. You'll really want to read the whole series. 

Nobody's Hero is part of the Rescued anthology. I haven't yet gotten to the other stories but I did buy the book and will read and review them soon. 


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