ARC Review: The Honeymoon Cottage by Lori Foster

Wedding planner Yardley Belanger has resigned herself to spinsterhood while organizing other people’s happy endings. An all-new heartwarming story of second chances at life and love, with summer weddings, a lakeside cottage for honeymooners, best friends and a rescued dog. Set in the quirky small town of Cemetery, Indiana, population 827.
I was so lucky to receive an ARC copy of The Honeymoon Cottage by Lori Foster. I've always enjoyed her books but my favorite of hers is her straight romance. I just love her feel-good books. The Honeymoon Cottage is one of those stories.

Let's start off with the name of the town, Cemetry, Indiana. I mean, really. Love it. You know you are in for something good with that for a town name. Most might think supernatural, not wedding hot spot. That's right the first book is about a wedding planner. 

I just loved Yardley. She's sweet, funny, takes charge, and all-around good person. Life hasn't always been the best for her. She lives with her mother and aunt and these aren't the best people. It's not like they've been physically abusive to her but mentally is another thing. Thank God for her best friend Mimi. These two always have her back and are there for her. 

You'll also love Travis. He's done his best by raising his baby sister after their parents die. Now he's paying for her wedding and is there to do all the things her parents would have done for her. I couldn't help myself but fall for this great guy who did what most young men couldn't do. Raise a small child on their own when they are still pretty much a kid themselves. 

Yardley and Travis are so perfect together. They get one another and support each other. Their relationship just works. It's like they have always known each other. I'm so glad they got together. 

Not only will you love Yardley and Travis but there is a whole town of fun people to meet. Yes, this is more women's fiction with romantic elements but I feel that the romance is so strong that it's what stands front and center in the story. Not only do we get Yardley's story but we see how her friend Mimi is struggling after having a baby and how she feels her husband might not care about certain things in their marriage anymore. 

This is a wonderful summer read that I think you'll enjoy. Have any of you read her?


  1. I haven't read Lori Foster in forever....this one sounds superb though. It looks like you really had fu with it.

    1. I did. It's been a while for me too. I haven't read her latest's ones. They haven't called to me. This one was an enjoyable read.


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