Feature Friday

Welcome back to #featurefriday. Here's the link to the schedule for our #featurefriday posts. 

This week is about #fallingbehind

I am falling behind on my reviews again. I'm sure you know how it is. You start off the year with good intentions and make plans to review every book as you read them. Then you start rereading books that you've already reviewed and next thing you know you've gotten behind because you've fallen into a pit of laziness. Once you get out of reviewing it's hard to start up again. It's a ton of pressure to write a good review. You want to make sure you share enough about the book that people will want to read it while also not giving too much away. Or the badly written books. Those are always fun to review. Let's just break some poor author's heart. I always hope they don't see those reviews but I have to share my thoughts, good or bad. Do any of you feel the pressure of keeping up?


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