ARC Review: Frozen in Ice by Cythnia Eden

Delilah “Lila” Darrow doesn’t belong in the world of the rich and famous, but for one night, she’s going to wear the fanciest dress she can find and pretend that she does. Her plan—get close to reclusive billionaire Archer Radcliffe and find out…is he a murderer?

She knows exactly what Archer likes. She knows how to slip beneath his guard. She knows how to make him fall for her. With the right tools, Delilah believes she can finally make Archer pay for the crime he committed so long ago.

Payback is calling…and she’s wearing a dress made for sin.

Delilah is part of a group of crime solvers called the Ice Breakers—an online team made up of individuals who have the goal of solving cold cases. Five years ago, Delilah’s sister disappeared without a trace. Since then, Delilah has made it her mission to close as many unsolved cases as possible. Archer Radcliffe will be the latest target in her quest.

Except…Archer turns the tables on her. He sees through her lies. Tries to seduce her. And, he also swears his innocence.

Can she trust him? Or is he playing her?

Now that he has Delilah at his side, Archer can finally get the justice—the vengeance—he has craved. The only problem? The beautiful Delilah will be in danger. But Archer intends to stick close to her. So close that the world will believe they are completely in love. So close that a deadly enemy will want to strike. So close that just maybe—if he’s not careful—Archer might begin to fall for the woman he intends to use…
There are those authors that you can't help by love and Cynthia Eden is one of them for me. I always love whatever she writes. Frozen in Ice starts a new series for her. I always love when she starts a new series but also miss the people of her other ones.

Frozen in Ice has everything that we've come to love about her books. A wonderful alpha hero who is strong, smart and loving under it all. You won't be able to not for in love with Archer. There are so many layers to him and you aren't sure what's what. Is he good (since he's the hero you know he has to be) or is he the killer everyone thinks he is?

More often than not I usually are mostly drawn to her heroes, but I have to say you are going to LOVE Deliah. She is funny and take charge. The perfect match for Archer. He needs someone who can see the real him and believe in him even when no one else does. She's that person. 

I enjoyed the mystery part of the story. It really had you wondering who is doing what. You aren't sure who to trust and what everyone's thinking. There are times that you even wonder if Deliah has Archers best interest at heart. 

I love the little shocking news you get about Archer and Oz. It adds another layer to the story even if you do get it at the end. There is so much about Frozen in Ice that I think you'll enjoy. I know I did and I can't wait for the next book in the series which is about Memphis. I loved him and I know his book is going to be fun to read. It's out 6/14/22. Any of you read her?


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