ARC Review: Burning Up by Tara Wyatt

Nearly two years after her divorce, Felicity Hawthorne is ready to date again. At least, she thinks she would be, if the idea of dating wasn’t so freaking terrifying. But then she wins a date with sexy, swoony firefighter Noah Prescott at a charity bachelor auction, and everything changes.

FDNY captain Noah isn’t looking for a relationship. Since losing his father as a teenager, he’s spent the past twenty years shouldering heavy responsibilities, and he knows he doesn’t have the time or energy to be anyone’s boyfriend. But one date with sweet, charming Felicity has him wanting things he shouldn’t want.

Which is why Noah suggests Felicity practice her budding dating skills with him. He wants more of her, and practice dates are as close as he can come to having her in his life without hurting her. But then dating practice turns into practice of another kind—the kind that involves moans and sighs and orgasms—and Noah knows he’s going to fall. Hard.
I have been loving this series by Wyatt. Each story is better than the last one. Side Effect was my favorite of the series now...I love an author that makes you love their next book even more and keeps you coming back.

In Burning up you have Noah's story. Right off the bat, you can see how much pressure he puts on himself. You don't totally understand his reasoning until you are closer to the end. You get it then, but it makes for some frustrating reading at times. You want the best for him because he is just that nice. 

You'll also love Felicity too. She is the sweetest person in the world. How anyone would be willing to hurt her is beyond me. She's gone through some crap but has come out on top. I also love her friends and how they back her. 

You will love how these two meet. Then to meet again shortly after their first meeting has to be kismet. When they come together you can see right away they are meant to be together. I really like them as a couple. 

It's fun to see how his brothers let Noah know he's not meant to take on everyone's crap. I also loved visiting with the family. 

I really enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to the next and last book in the series. I will say that I'd love to have Felicity's friends get a story too. I liked them. If you enjoy hot alpha heroes then you'll love this series. Have any of you read her?


  1. oh I definitely need to pick this one up. I have seen this author around and been wanting to try her out!!


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