Review: Country Proud by Linda Lael Miller

There’s something missing from Eli Garrett’s life. He loves being the sheriff of Painted Pony Creek, Montana, so it’s not his job. He’s had the same two best friends since he was a kid and he’s grateful for them, so it’s not that, either. But ever since his buddy Cord’s recent marriage, Eli has a nagging suspicion that he wants what Cord has. And there’s a beautiful woman who has caught his eye—someone who’s returned to town that he can’t get off his mind. Brynne Bailey is spirited and compassionate, and being with her makes Eli feel alive again. But he suspects there’s more to her than she is letting on, and he is determined to get to the bottom of it.
Country Proud is the second book in the Painted Pony Creek series and I very much enjoyed it. I really enjoyed both Eli and Brynne. You could see why they at one time were together. They just fit. 

Eli is a sweet guy that works so hard at his job and helps his sister with her family. She counts on him and he doesn't mind at all What's sexier than a guy willing to pitch in? You see right away that after his friend gets married (book 1) he's looking to do the same thing. He just lucks out when his first love comes back to town.

You'll love Brynne but realize right away she has an unhappy dating past. She's promised herself she will never date a cop again and who does she have feelings for but a cop. She really does fight it for as long as she could but I think she finally comes to understand that life is a chance. 

Usually, I'm not a big fan of second chance romance but if I do read them I don't mind so much when they are kids when they first had their romance. People grow as they age and become different people in some way. I really enjoyed Eli and Brynne's second chance at romance and was happy to read this story. A lot happened in the story and once or twice I found myself tearing up. I also enjoyed the mystery that runs through it. So many good things to enjoy about this book. Now I'm reading for the next one which is out in April. Have any of you read her?


  1. oooh I am so intrigued by your review, as I was recently gifted this book and has me interested in picking it up.

    Lovely review


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