Novella Review: Hope for Christmas by Stacy Finz

Sparkling lights, sugar cookies, a fragrant tree—Emily McCreedy is checking off her list for a perfect holiday with a new baby on her hip, two adorable stepsons hunting for presents, and her husband’s love shoring up the life she rebuilt after the unbelievable tragedy of losing her young daughter to abduction seven years ago.

But the merriment dims when Emily receives a strange note alluding to her daughter’s disappearance. Emily’s sure Christmas miracles are only for TV movies, but with each new communication, she finds herself face to face with the one thing that matters most—hope.
Hope for Christmas is one of those books that crush you while making you believe in miracles. It's also why it's sometimes best to read a book in order. If you've read Finding Hope, then you know that Emily's daughter has disappeared. You also know that most people think she had something to do with it. It's a heartbreaking story that has a happy ending.


Happily, this is the total happy ending that Finding Hope needed. We have finally found Hope and Emily can have part of her heart back. 

As you would think Finding Hope is an extremely emotional story that has you smiling one second to only have you in tears the next. This is not an easy book to read at times. Your heart will break for both Emily and Hope. Getting back together isn't an easy fix. 

Both Emily and Hope will have a ton of work to get back to where they started but I'm not sure they will ever be what they were before. But they will be able to find their new way in life. 

So much happens in this story and I'd love to tell you more but feel that this is one of those books that you should experience yourself. You will hopefully find the story to be the perfect story to read during the holidays. Any of you read her?


  1. Its good to know this author is the kind that you need to read in order. I do need to read this author as I haven't picked her up yet.

  2. I haven't read this but I like the sound of it.


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