Reread Book Review: Playing Doctor by Lori Foster

Attitude makes a huge difference in bed. It could be Axel Dean's motto. The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie, and Libby Preston definitely seems to fit that bill. There's that naughty grin. That hot bod. Her eager kisses and cheeky insults. Her...admitted virginity. Whoa. Okay, cue cold shower. Axel may not be an honorable man, but he has his limits. Except Libby won't take no for an answer. She's determined to have someone show her what she's been missing, and suddenly, Axel can't bear to think of Libby playing doctor with anyone else...
I love to go back and reread books. Sometimes I wonder why I liked them so much the first time around and other times I remember just why. For this review, I only read Playing Doctor by Lori Foster. There is nothing wrong with the other stories I only felt like reading this one. 

This is a very quick read. Not sure how many pages and I'm kinda too lazy to go check. What I liked about this story is Libby and Axel. They are great characters. He only wants women in his life who understand for him it's all about the good times. He doesn't want to get serious about anyone yet. So isn't it funny how he acts when he meets Libby? 

It only takes the one.

Libby is only just starting out on her adult life. Of course, she's an old soul so being mature is in her bones. She's had some hard knocks already in her young life. But she's learned from them and they have made her stronger. 

These two are perfect together. You can see the give and take between them. You can see the love between them even when they can't. In the end, they realize they need and want to be in each other's lives for good and they get their happy ending. This is a fun, cute, and quick read. Any of you read it?


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