Novella Review: A Fool's Gold Wedding by Susan Mallery

Abby Hendrix would do anything to help with her beloved sister’s wedding, even play tour guide to the off-puttingly brilliant—and unexpectedly gorgeous—brother of the groom. She’s a small-town schoolteacher; he’s a gifted surgeon. Nothing intimidating about that! She’ll just ask him to help her plan a top secret surprise for the wedding. No pressure.

Joaquin Kincaid has always been book-smart and people-awkward, and Abby’s sweet and social nature triggers an unexpected yearning inside him. His whole life, he’s been an outsider, while she’s so popular she’s able to convince an entire town to go along with her wild ideas. For the first time ever, he’s met a woman who accepts him as he is, quirks and all, and he feels himself falling in love. Could Abby love him, too? Or, when she discovers the real reason he came to Fool’s Gold, will he lose her forever?
I was so happy to be back in Fool's Gold for a visit. I really enjoyed this series and the characters we've all met. A Fool's Gold Wedding brings us back to the early part of the series. Abby is the daughter of prior characters in the series. How quickly time moves. 

I really enjoyed Abby. She's sweet and wants so badly for her sister's wedding to be perfect. She'll do anything to make that happen even babysit the groom's brother, Joaquin. Not that she finds that a hard chore to do. Abby ends up really liking him. Which isn't an easy thing to do what with him not really used to talking to people, period. 

Joaquin doesn't really mind Abby but the real reason he's with her is to get close to her uncle Simon. Of course, the side effect of him being close to her is the fact that he ends up falling in love with her. He's not sure if she knows the real reason he first was willing to be around she'll still have feelings for him.

Abby's a much more understanding person than you'd think. She helps Joaquin meet Simon. Of course, Simon being Simon he cuts to the bottom line right away and Joaquin must face a few facts that he doesn't want to. 

As a whole, this is a sweet story that lets us enjoy the town once again. A cute story to read. Have any of you read her?



  1. What a lovely review you have of this one here. I am happy that this Mallery book worked so well for you though. I have read this author (but I struggle with getting into her books, I might try her in audio and see if that works out better for me)


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