Novella Review: Colt by Lori Foster

Colt Guthrie’s high school sweetheart left town six years ago without a backward look. Charish almost broke him then, and he doesn’t plan to let her finish the job now that she’s suddenly back in Clearbrook. The only thing he wants from Charish is closure. But grown-up Charish is tempting as hell, and with her compassion for an injured stray dog, there’s no denying the way she still gets under Colt’s skin.

Letting Colt go was the hardest thing Charish ever did. Keeping him at arm’s length now runs a close second. Their chemistry is explosive, despite his wariness. But when Colt learns the real reason she’s back, will he be the one to walk away—or can this sizzling summer be the start of something entirely new?
I was so happy when I spotted this book. I loved Colt in his uncle's and father's book and was happy when he got his own. This is a second chance for him and Cherish and I was glad for it. You didn't really think that much about their relationship before other than they are kids and it's first love for them both. 

In Colt, you really find that they had more then-teenage love. They had an ever-lasting love. What started out sweet and cute turned into loving and forever. 

Because this is a second chance romance you don't feel cheated with the small page count. You already know how they feel about each other right away. You can see how much they still care. They do have a few things to work out since they left everything up in the air with Cherish and her family just leaving but what's between them doesn't stop them from falling for each other all over again. 

I think you'll enjoy this story and see why Colt and Cherish's love has lasted throughout the time they were apart. This is a sweet story that you'll totally enjoy. Have any of you read her?


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