Novella Review: Alien Most Wanted : Caged Warrior by Honey Phillips

A cheating boyfriend is the least of Amanda's worries when an alien appears in her living room. Discovering she has been sold to an alien prison is terrifying. Seeing two males fight to the death for her is horrifying.

But the massive red male who looks at her with such hunger? He could destroy her.

Left to rot with the other Undesirables, Riker’s only focus is on escape. He has no intention of fighting for anyone’s entertainment. Until he sees the soft, beautiful female being offered to the victor.

A female is the last thing he needs, especially one who arouses his mating instincts, but neither can he resist her. Can he protect her from the vicious guards, the evil warden - and from himself?
I'm a first-time reader of Honey Phillips. I found this book when I was looking around on Amazon and since I love this type of book and don't read them as often as I'd like I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. I could tell right away that I was going to not only be able to get into the story but enjoy it.

Caged Warrior starts off very dark and sexy but ends up sweet and loving. There is a perfect balance of romance and action that makes for a great story. In fact right after I read this I wanted more from this series. I already marked down the next book in the series and can't wait for it.

I totally loved both Amanda and Riker. They are perfect together. He's sweet and gentle with her when she's just lost and confused. This is a whole new world for her and it rightly scared the crap out of her. 

Sadly we find that it doesn't matter what plant you are on. Beings are crap and mean. Thankfully there are some that stand for those weaker than themselves. Riker takes such good care of Amanda and would give his life for her. It's not totally clear why he's in prison or maybe I missed it but you understand enough to know he's really a good guy. 

You really felt for them when they learned that Amanda is Riker's mate because he only won 5 days with her and then she'd be given to someone else as a prize. No way Riker would let that happen once he came to terms with a human being his mate. 

I really did enjoy these two and was so happy that I tried it. I'm looking forward to more books in the series. I also really hope that S'quent gets a story. The author gave us enough of a taste of him that you want more.  Any of you read her? 


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