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This week is about #fallingbehind

Instead of talking about a book or series, I'm falling behind on I decided to talk about the fact that I can never catch up on posting reviews. Part of the problem is that at times I can read very quickly. The other part is that I don't like to write too many reviews one after another so that they don't sound too much alike. So my goal for this year is to catch up on some of them. Fingers crossed I can do it. 


  1. haha oh I am the same way. The issue I have is if I don't review it within 48 hours it tends to not be as in depth as I would like but I am such a fast reader too lol so I feel cursed at times. But its also why I like to rotate out the sub genres so that my reviews are of books where the stories aren't alike at all. So it keeps them from sounds the same all the time.

    1. Yep, I know the feelings. I'm pretty good at remembering what the story is about but if I wait too long, I feel like the review is missing something.


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