ARC Review: Side Effects by Tara Wyatt

What’s a few orgasms between friends?

After a disastrous breakup, paramedic Madison Petrov isn’t looking for love—she just wants to put the pieces of her life back together. Easier said than done, given the hit her confidence has taken. And now with her sister’s wedding looming, all of the scars Madison thought had healed feel fresh and new.

Levi Prescott’s been through a lot in his life, including losing his father at a young age. But enduring that loss has taught him to go after what he wants, and what he wants is his partner, Madison. Smart, feisty, beautiful Madison who he’s wanted for a year now. Who he’ll do anything to have in his bed and in his life. Including agreeing to a potentially risky friend with benefits arrangement.

The more time she spends with Levi, the more Madison feels the cracks in her broken heart start to heal. After all, he’s gorgeous, confident, and amazing in bed. But no matter how much chemistry they have, she doesn’t know if she’s willing to risk her heart again.
I was very lucky to get an early copy of Side Effects. I'm not sure I would have read it right away and it might have been pushed behind something else which would have been a bad thing since I totally fell in love with this book. 

First off you won't be able to not love Levi. There is something about him that draws you to him. He's charming, funny, sweet, and sexy as hell. From the moment he meets Madison his love life shuts down. Sadly she's with someone else so you have to wonder what's he going to do. Being a great guy he does nothing. He cares about her so they stay strictly friends. 

Until they don't.

I think the author was smart to put how they meet in the prologue and then move time forward. It's the perfect way of making sure the characters get to know each other. Makes the story not feel rushed. She also didn't explain right away what all happened with Madison and her finance so that you get to learn it as the story progress. 

Now that she's not with him she's open to being with Levi. I will say that how it came about was the only part of the book that made me think, huh. Since I was so into the story I just pushed through and continued with the story. 

Let me tell you I totally wished I was one of those people who liked to read in the tub because I could have used the cold water. This story is so hot! The author does such a fantastic job of pulling you into the sex scenes that you feel like you are feeling what the characters feel. It's very erotic. The great part is that the sex doesn't take over the story it just enhances it. They have such a great sex life I understand why they are willing to take a chance with their jobs. But the best part is that the reason their sex is so good is because of home much these two care about each other. It's all part of the package for them. 

You really see how wrong Madison's mother is in the way she treats her daughter and even Levi. He's tough enough to handle her without being outright rude to her. What Madison's ex does to them is pretty shitty and I wanted vengeance for them. I think they should have let Lucian ruin his life like he offered. I yelled out yes when he did. But they didn't and the end left me wishing for more revenge. I know, I have a problem. 

I really think you'll love Side Effects. I know I did. Have any of you read her?


  1. This one sounds like such a keeper and your review of this one made me laugh with the tub mention. Good to know the heat is on a higher spectru.

    Thanks for sharing.


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