Reread Book Review: Fall from Grace by Jill Shalvis

It's bad enough that Hollywood hotshot Sloan Hawthorne's knowledge of Roxi Dupree's witchcraft comes from comic books and fairy tales. What's worse is that she's falling hard for the outrageously sexy hunk. Pretty soon they're both finding that the steamy Savannah nights are perfect for conjuring up some mischievous magic of their own...

It's what Tracy does best, people-please and generally overwork the word 'yes'. But in love and life it's gotten her nowhere. Tracy's had enough - no more 'yes.' From here on out it's all about her. Colson Jones, hot-eyed and very determined, wants it to be all about her - and he's pretty sure that Tracy will be saying 'yes' again very soon...

Librarian Janie Mills has never hit a man before, but when the lights go out and the town's leading citizen - now missing for two days - points a gun at her, she doesn't think twice about slugging him. Only when the electricity comes back, she finds an entirely different man on at her feet - P.I. Ryan Peterson. Pretty soon this is one case he's definitely on top of...
Since this is a reread I only read Fall from Grace by Jill Shalvis. I did read the book back when it came out and enjoyed the stories for what they are. For this review, I'm only talking about Shalvis' story. 

I really enjoyed Fall from Grace. It's a quick read with a hero and heroine you'll really enjoy. I will say that you don't get to know them that much personally but it's not that big of a deal since I think you'll enjoy the story so much. It's only about 83 pages but the author packs a lot into those pages. 

I found the story to have both humor and suspense. You aren't sure what's going on or why. It's the perfect blend. Have any of you read this book or any of these authors?


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