Reread Book Review: Do You Believe by Ann Lawrence

Rose Early is searching for her missing sister Joan. The only clue she has is a horror novel with her sister's notes in the margins. The author of the book lives only a few minutes away and Rose can't resist seeking him out. She understands why his book affected her sister: the author creates an evil so palpable it shakes even skeptical Rose.

Vic Drummond, the writer, knew Rose's sister, and agrees to help Rose find her; Rose expected him to be reclusive and strange, but she didn't expect him to be quite so . . . attractive. As their search intensifies, Rose finds herself inexorably drawn to Vic, but it seems to Rose that their feelings for each other are being influenced by some outside force-she knows love at first sight doesn't exist.

As they come closer to finding Joan, Rose and Vic journey from the local church to a mysterious sex club whose members dress in demon costumes. The more they learn about what Joan was doing in the days before her disappearance, the more questions they have, until Rose must decide: Does she believe in real evil? And does she believe in real love?
Just lately I've been going through old books and passing them on to others. I just don't have the space anymore to keep them. As I was going through them deciding which stayed and which went I thought about how much I loved them and wished I could reread them. So I decided to do just that. Do You Believe caught my eye and I remembered how much I really enjoyed reading it and figured it should be my first reread. 

At a time I used to love romantic suspense and read it all the time. I had already read Lawrence and enjoyed her books so I was looking forward to her writing something different. 

I have to say that I really enjoyed it. She writes wonderful characters and I found myself getting lost in the story right away. What I really loved about this story is that you never really knew where it was going. There are tons of twists and turns that keep you wondering. It made for a much more exciting story. 

Plus I loved the romance part. It wasn't in your face but it was enough so that you knew you were reading a romance. If you like romantic suspense and also enjoy paranormal I think you'll enjoy this story. I'm glad I took the time to read it again. Have any of you read her?


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