Novella Review: Real Men Heal by Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix

Dr. Drew Cooper would rather die than give in to his captor’s demands. Only a suicidal idiot would kidnap the Blackwood pack healer in the first place, but to then insist he heal one of the rival pack’s members? Yeah, hard pass.

Until she walks into the room. With fiery red hair, piercing blue eyes, and curves that could stop traffic, Chloe Soren takes his breath away.

Drew agrees to help so he can have time to convince Chloe they’re fated mates, despite her reservations. There’s only one problem—the alpha who snatched him just happens to be Chloe’s over-protective big brother. And the patient he’s expected to heal? Their dying mother.

Shit just got real.
I always enjoy reading books by Celia Kyle. I love her writing and find that her books contain a good story with tons of humor and romance. They are the type of books that make you feel good to read them. I've been enjoying Marina Maddix because of her writing with Kyle. I don't know if I'd have tried her otherwise. It's hard to know every author.

I just love Drew and Chloe. What I love about Drew is his loyalty to his pack. Even when kidnapped he wouldn't give in to the other pack's demands. That is until Chloe shows up. It's so funny how quickly he changes his mind after seeing her. I love how they work together and because they are mated you understand why they fall for each other so quickly. 

You really want to know if he can help Chloe's mom but worry about what will happen if he can't. You feel for both Drew and Chloe. He sees the unhappiness of Chloe and understands the defeated look. His past isn't the greatest until he leaves his old life and finds his new pack. 

As a whole, this is an enjoyable novella that reads like a full-size book. I think you'll find that it's a fun book to read and want to read the whole series. Have any of you read them?


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