Novella Review: A Forever Home by Annie Rains

Della Rose desperately needs a Christmas miracle to make it back home in time for her sons’ holiday concert. It’s just that the single mom never imagined Santa would arrive in the form of her plane’s seatmate, the grumpy, gorgeous Roman Everson. With flights delayed, Della’s out of options. She needs Roman to drive her back to Somerset Lake, even if his un-jolly mood threatens to drain her Christmas cheer.

The season may have Roman feeling grinch-like, but he needs a favor, too, so he makes a deal with Della. In exchange for a ride home, she’ll pose as Roman’s adoring girlfriend in front of his family. As the pair set off on a journey though the North Carolina mountains with a rescue dog named Jingle, they soon learn they have more in common than either would have imagined possible. Could it be true that opposites attract? And will the chance of a happily-ever-after make this the most wonderful time of year after all?
I always love holiday-themed stories. They just make me feel all warm inside. Add the fact that it's a novella and I'm in love. Novellas rock during the holidays. So much easier to read when you are busy. 

When you first meet Della you know you want her story. There is something about her that calls to you. Maybe it's how sadly her life has turned out. We all hate a cheating husband but all a new marriage and baby and we are all ready to throw down with her. 

This story is so cute. I really liked how Della and Roman helped each other. At first, I didn't think I'd like Roman. You kinda got the impression that he was cold and uncaring. Soon learn that wasn't true at all. 

In fact, his biggest issue is that he cares too much and is unjustly judged by his father. I will say I really liked the storyline part between Roman and his family. It's good to see how his father has changed and admitted some things. 

You'll also like how Roman was there to help Della out too. He made sure she got home to see her son's holiday concert. No mother wants to miss that. 

This is a cute story that I really enjoyed. I'd love to hear more about them and find out how it all worked out for them beyond what we know. Any of you read her?


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