Feature Friday

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This week is about #forfun
Maybe not for everyone but for me blogging is fun. Yes, it's a lot of work but it's also very fulfilling. I started blogging after the bookstore I worked at for over 15 years closed down. It filled in me what I was missing. When I started I didn't know anything. I didn't know the first thing about how my blog should look and what type of posts I should be doing other than reviews. I didn't know anyone in the blog world so I was a total newbie. 

I cut a lucky break when Avon Books was looking for readers/bloggers to help spread the word about their books. I met a bunch of bloggers and slowly learned how to work my blog. As time went on my reviews got fancier and I was able to make my blog posts look a bit more professional. 

Sadly I still have a lot to learn and that's okay. I don't mind being a work in progress. After all these years I still enjoy blogging. The romance book world has changed a lot. The people I've met aren't all still around but many of them are and I add new ones all the time. I really hope that you find my blog both helpful and fun to visit. 



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