Book Review: Accidental Homecoming by Sabrina York

It’s time to face the past he’s been running from.

Danny Diem’s life is upended when he inherits a small-town ranch. But learning he has a daughter in need of lifesaving surgery is his biggest shock yet. He'd never gotten over telling his ex Lizzie Michaels that he wasn’t the marrying kind. But her loving strength for their little girl tugs at his heartstrings—and makes him wonder if he’s ready to embrace the role he’s always run from: father.
For me, Sabrina York is a newer author. In fact, when I got started in this series I bought book two and when I started to read it I knew right away I made a mistake. I know better. Always look up an author and see where the book falls. Since I didn't I had no choice to buy book one and read it. That's the book here. 

When I started it I wasn't sure what I'd think of it. It was about a family he didn't know about, a child he didn't know about, and a second chance romance. I was like how is all that going to work in such a short story? 

Well, guess what, it worked out really well. In fact, I totally loved it. 

At first, you wondered what kind of person Danny was. He had bad guys after him because he owed them money and you had to ask yourself "is he really hero material?" Or at least I was asking myself that. In fact, the author threw so much at him you had to wonder. Then you got to enjoy watching him handle it all. 

He was honest with his one brother and they quickly learned what he had to deal with when it came to family. When he needed his new family the most they were all there with bells on to help him with his daughter and the woman he loved no questions asked. You have to really love that about them. They too had a shock finding out they had a brother. And at least the eldest knew he had a slight issue with bad people. 

As a whole, I really enjoyed this one and I'm glad that I read it. I now have this series on auto-buy so that I can read about the whole family. It was great reading about good people doing the right thing. Have any of you read her?


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