ARC Review: Highland Wolf by Lynsay Sands

In all her daydreams about her wedding day, Lady Claray MacFarlane never once imagined being dragged to the altar by her greedy uncle and forced to marry a man she didn't know. But that's what happened, or would have, had a Highland warrior not snatched her up at the last minute and ridden off with her in his arms...

They call him the Wolf. The mercenary's courage and prowess in battle are known throughout the Highlands, and with his handsome face and black-as-sin hair, he was as intelligent and deadly as the wolf he was named for...

But the Wolf is also Claray's betrothed. Thought to have been killed as a child, he'd been in hiding all these years. Now, he's determined to earn enough coin to rebuild his home, reclaim his birthright, and honor his marriage contract to Claray. For he's fallen for the tender-hearted lass...and he will do anything to protect her and their future together.
As you all know I don't read as many historical romance books as I used to. But for some reason, I still love reading Lynsay Sands. I just find them so easy to get into. Her books for me are what I call comfort reads. They make me feel good just reading them. 

I'm so used to reading a Bucannan hero that it took me a second to change my way of thinking when I realized we had a different hero. Not to worry it only took me a few seconds because right away I found myself really liking Callan aka Bryson MacDonald (the betrothed) 

Now Claray doesn't know that fact, yet. 

I liked how after he rescued her he was able to learn what kind of person she is. It's so cute when he tells her at every stop that she's no longer able to help and keep a hurt animal only for him to be the feeding said animals when she can't. 

I also really enjoyed Claray. She's sweet and loving but will do all she can to protect those she loves. She loves her Wolf (the betrothed) but isn't sure if her feelings are real. It takes her a while to learn that what she feels is totally fine and that she's not a bad person for feeling the love and lust she has for her husband. 

I totally love how she is with animals and the way they relate to her. It's sweet that her house would run through fire to be with her and that she has a huge wolf that thinks he's her pet dog. You'll also enjoy how Callan does all he can to support her love and need to take care of animals. Even when he thinks it's kind of silly.

Together these two make a wonderful couple that you'll enjoy reading about. As always Sands packs romance along with a little intrigue to make for a good story. You'll love to meet the characters of this book and visit with some prior ones. Any of you read her books?


  1. I am happy that you enjoyed this one here. I had a blast with this one too. And yes this author is great for grabbing your attention for an historical.


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