ARC Review: Just for Show by Julie Hamilton

#TwitterBae forever…

They'll fake a relationship for the social media exposure, but can they be more than a hashtag?

Here's how things are going so far for me in Chicago:

1) Messed up my attempt at asking out the gorgeous woman next to me on the plane.

2) Couldn't catch up to her at O'Hare.

3) I'm hoping she finds me on Twitter.

4) Maybe if she sees this, we can split another cheese plate sometimes.

It doesn't take long for Luke Murphy's tweet to go viral. So it also doesn't take long to reconnect with Audrey. Nailed it. But at what cost? His network has put his whole career as a TV home renovations carpenter on the line. A midair meet-cute is exactly what they want.

After recovering from the shock, Audrey Whitaker can see the benefits of faking a relationship for social media exposure. She'll get the publicity to launch her photography business—her lifelong dream—and she'll get to spend time with a man who can, as his fans say, "really fill out a plaid shirt."

Luke and Audrey agree to spend the summer together to get what they each need, then say goodbye. And to keep it professional, they'll follow all the rules…except the "no kissing" one. And maybe the "no sex" one, too! But with so much on the line, they definitely can't fall in love.
We all know how I love trying new authors. So when I got the opportunity to try a new author whose book is based in Chicago I had to try it. I'm so glad that I did. 

I really loved Just for Show. The characters are so nice and likable. They make the story so much better to read. It's the type of book you don't want to put down because you are enjoying it so much. 

Right from the start, you'll connect with both Audry and Luke. When Audry couldn't wait to get home and take off her bra I knew she was my kind of woman. We've all been there. It was so cute how these two first meet. I really liked their interaction. Right off the bat, I knew I was in for a fun read. 

I also loved how the author gave the story right now feel to it. She used social media heavily in the story something that we all can relate to. I loved the HGTV feel of the show. I love me so home reno. 

The storyline moves well allowing you to read it quickly. A plus in my book. I love stories that draw you in and keep you there. Not only will you enjoy Audry and Luke there are other characters in the book that you'll want to know more about. I love when you read a story and you already wonder about another character in the book's story. That makes for a good author. 

As a whole, I think you'll really enjoy this story and want more from this author. I know I do. Make sure to add Just for Show to your "need to buy" list. Any of you planning to try her?


  1. A fake social media relationship. I can see something like this happening for real.


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