Review: To All the Dogs I've Loved Before: by Lizzie Shane

The last person librarian Elinor Rodriguez wants to spend time with is her first love, Levi Jackson, but it seems her mischievous rescue dog has other ideas. Without fail, Dory slips from the house whenever Elinor’s back is turned. And in Pine Hollow, calls about a dog herding cars on Main Street go straight to Levi. The quietly intense lawman broke Elinor’s heart once, and now she’s determined to move on, no matter how much she misses him.

As the kid who barely graduated—and still struggles to hide his dyslexia—Levi always believed that Elinor was way out of his league. Even though he ended their engagement all those years ago, Elinor still takes Levi’s breath away whenever he sees her. But with a little help from a four-legged friend, Levi and Elinor may just get the second chance they deserve.
I've been really enjoying reading the Pine Hollow series. So far I've loved each of the books. I will have to say that To All the Dogs I've Loved Before has been my favorite. We had to this year put our Australian Shepard mix to sleep this year after 15 years so Dory called to me. 

Now it wasn't just Dory that I liked about the story I also enjoyed both Levi and Elinor. These two are perfect for each other and it killed me that they had such a hard time realizing it. You almost wanted to slap them upside the head and say "hey, knock it off already" but of course you know that they need to figure this all out for themselves plus the fact that they are on paper and wouldn't hear you anyway. 

Poor Levi had so many issues. He let his parent's life rule his own. Which caused him to make a mess of it. It will take you a while to understand why he's done what he's done but it will finally come clear. I got him but that didn't stop me from thinking he was being crazy. He might have thought he had a good reason for ending his relationship with Elinor but did he really? I was glad that he finally did talk to someone about it. 

Not to worry Elinor is no better. She's so busy living in the past and the things that have hurt her that she doesn't really let herself live. I think if she had dealt with any of it she might have been more aware of what had happened with Levi. She takes on way too much and spreads herself too thin. 

After a while, these two finally get it together and talk and deal with their past and move on. As we wait for that you'll enjoy the story as it unfolds. I will mention it takes them a very long time to get back together and at times I wondered if they ever would but when I wasn't wondering that I was enjoying the story. 

Not only will you like them you'll enjoy visiting past characters for the other books. As a whole, this is a sweet, easy-to-read romance that you'll want to add to your tbr pile. Any of you read her?


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